American Apparel Will Get $75M From George Soros — But at a Price

Details have emerged of American Apparel's new George Soros-backed credit line — and they do not look good for the company. American Apparel is swapping out a $75 million Bank of America line of credit for an $80 million loan from Soros' company Crystal Financial. For the privilege, its interest rate will effectively… » 3/14/12 2:30pm 3/14/12 2:30pm

Billionaire's Ex Sues Over Apartment Promise

Brazilian soap star and Columbia University student Adriana Ferreyr, 28, is suing billionaire financier George Soros, 80, for promising to give her two million dollar apartment and then giving it to someone else. The $50 million suit also says that he slapped and tried to choke her during an argument, which Soros… » 8/11/11 11:15am 8/11/11 11:15am

Saddam Hussein Made Up That WMD Thing To Deter Invaders

  • So it turns out Saddam Hussein lied about having WMD so the rest of the Axis of Evil would leave him alone. [CBS News]
  • How much would you bet even he couldn't have kept that lie up 935 times! [Wash Post
  • Isn't it funny how yesterday's enemies are today's...[Reuters]
  • The New York Times to endorse Hillary Clinton? Identity…
  • » 1/24/08 6:40pm 1/24/08 6:40pm