Two Great-Grandmothers Throw Themselves Out of a Plane for a Good Cause

What did you spend your weekend doing? Drinking? Sleeping? Drunk-sleeping? Yardwork? Well, whatever it was, it probably wasn't quite as thrilling as what two great-grandmothers from Ohio got up to. The women both went skydiving for the first time to raise money for a local Blue Star Mothers of America chapter and its… » 6/25/12 11:50am 6/25/12 11:50am

Help Me Choose An Outfit To Keep George Bush Away From My Womb

When George H.W. Bush said that "ugly" feminists don't have to worry about him becoming interested in their wombs, I knew I had to do something to make sure I was counted among their ranks. » 1/29/09 4:20pm 1/29/09 4:20pm

The Truth Might Not Be Pretty, But Obama Makes You Like It Anyway

As mentioned earlier, Rolling Stone » 10/15/08 3:00pm 10/15/08 3:00pm has in its latest issue in which Obama acknowledges that the financial crisis is going to require tough decisions and taxes and government programs; says Americans are going to have to make sacrifices to reform the country's energy policy (and to implement those reforms); and…