Amazing Dog Saves His Own Life by Calling 911

You might as well start shrieking now, that's how insanely heart-exploding this story is. George, a two-year-old very adorable Basset Hound, was home alone in England and somehow got himself tangled up in a phone cord and started choking. He then did something amazing: he managed to dial 999 (the British equivalent of… » 3/28/12 10:30am 3/28/12 10:30am

Noted Troublemaker Russell Brand Has Been Arrested—Yet Again

Say what you will about Russell Brand, but he certainly knows how to keep himself in the news. The comedian, who's had many a brush with the law in the past, was arrested today in New Orleans, following an incident on Monday in which he is accused of grabbing and throwing a photographer's iPhone through a window. Tsk… » 3/15/12 8:00pm 3/15/12 8:00pm

Secrets From 'Black Flower' Robot-Saint Condoleezza Rice

Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has written a book. Unfortunately, much of that book tries to justify all that lying the Bush administration did to get us into Iraq. Fortunately, she spends some of the book indulging the public's desire to learn about how everyone in the Bush White House was behind closed… » 10/24/11 4:30pm 10/24/11 4:30pm

Bush Says Kanye's Katrina Outburst Was Worst Moment Of His Presidency

— Or so he writes in his memoir Decision Points. Bush also tells Matt Lauer that "the misery in Louisiana affected me deeply as well," but Kanye declaring he "doesn't care about black people" was still a "disgusting moment." » 11/03/10 3:50pm 11/03/10 3:50pm

Stars Come Out To Party At Spike's 4th Annual Guys Choice Awards

The fourth annual Spike TV Guys Choice Awards were held last night, and everyone from Jon Hamm to Scarlett Johansson to George Clooney came out to celebrate: » 6/06/10 11:40am 6/06/10 11:40am

A Good Read

Phyllis Rose's landmark Parallel Lives, a study of five Victorian marriages, is 25 this year. The portraits of the Carlyles, Mills, Ruskins, Dickenses, George Eliot and George Henry Lewes remain an essential, fascinating read. [Telegraph] » 3/13/09 11:45am 3/13/09 11:45am

Lindsay Loan & Sam Ronson: Splitsville? Or Engaged?

Pig Lips, Crazy Eyes, Camille Paglia And The Dear Leader

Some days were made for mocking, and between Camille Paglia's assertions » 9/10/08 10:00am 9/10/08 10:00am that she's in touch with the "real" America and that Sarah Palin is the new Madonna, former Massachusetts governor Jane Swift's assertions that Barack Obama is a pig, North Korea's assertions that Kim Jong Il is totally fine and sending birthday…

John "The Player" Mayer Talks About Breaking Up With Jen Aniston