Two-Years-Sober Daniel Radcliffe Pounds Jaeger, Gets Tossed From Bar

Back in 2010, when Daniel Radcliffe put on the sorting hat and it said "Maker's Mark," he admitted to the press that he had been drunk during the filming of much of the later Harry Potter movies and decided to teetotal for awhile. Unfortunately, not anymore: last night he was thrown out of New York's Beauty Bar—okay,… »12/13/12 9:00am12/13/12 9:00am


The Ultimate Guide To Every International Jersey Shore Knockoff

Did you know there is a Dutch Jersey Shore? An Australian Jersey Shore? A Danish Jersey Shore? Unauthorized reproductions of the most hungover MTV reality series have been springing up all around the world — demonstrating that the appeal of watching moderately attractive drunken, tanned young people who use "gym" as a… »5/18/12 5:30pm5/18/12 5:30pm

Meet The Cast Of The UK Version Of Jersey Shore

Geordie Shore—MTV UK's version of the hit reality show consisting of "Geordies" instead of guidos— is indeed a thing that's really happening even though it totally seems like an SNL parody (namely Don' You Go Rounin' Roun To Re Ro because it's really hard to understand what these Northerners are saying). Judging by… »4/27/11 6:10pm4/27/11 6:10pm