Let Us (Mostly) Rejoice In Pat Summitt's Misery

Last night, Muffet McGraw earned her first career win over Pat Summitt. The Notre Dame women had lost 20 straight games to the Tennessee Volunteers before McGraw's squad — led by its phenomenal sophomore guard, Skylar Diggins — defeated the No. 1 Vols 73-59 in Dayton last night. This was a bittersweet moment for… » 3/29/11 7:05pm 3/29/11 7:05pm

UConn Reignites Timeworn Basketball Battle Of The Sexes

Last night, the University of Connecticut Women's basketball team won its 89th game in a row, breaking a record set by a men's team. This obviously means that now the Battle of the Sexes Just Got Serious. » 12/22/10 1:05pm 12/22/10 1:05pm