Penis-Man and Vagina-Woman Fight for Their Right to Dress as Such

Glastonbury, England is best known outside of Europe these days for its Glastonbury Festival, where important trends started like Kate Moss popularizing Hunter boots and Gwyneth Paltrow using noise-canceling headphones on her child. Before all of that fun, it had a storied history, one that involved King Arthur and a… »6/20/13 2:40pm6/20/13 2:40pm

Bacteria Are Fighting a Giant, Mysterious War in Your Vagina Right Now

No matter how many abstinence pledges you've signed or purity balls you've attended, your vagina anything but pure, according to new research by, uh, vaginologists. In fact, your between-the-legs chute is the perfect hot, wet environment for an ongoing "dynamic battle" between various microorganisms. And scientists… »5/02/12 6:30pm5/02/12 6:30pm

We See London, We See France, We See Kate Upton's Vulva, Practically.

The cover of this year's famed Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue has leaked, and it is, well, revealing. Model Kate Upton is showing a great deal of sideboob, but more worrisome is what's happening down below. Isn't that suit—it's really more of an eyepatch, actually—so disturbingly small and low that some of her… »2/13/12 9:00pm2/13/12 9:00pm