Where Are All The Female Carlos Dangers? Kinda Nowhere, Says Research

Asking whether female CEOs and politicians have a different, "better" grasp on unchangeable ethics is a sticky question for a few reasons — it oversimplifies and glosses over powerful women who have made corrupt personal or professional choices and suggests that only men can be id-driven, complex, flawed leaders. »8/24/13 3:30pm8/24/13 3:30pm

Female Architects Hella Snubbed By $100,000 Pritzker Prize Committee

A 11,000-signature strong Change.org petition is circulating on behalf of the architect Denise Scott Brown, who worked with her fellow designer husband Robert Venturi for 40 years but was curiously denied the Pritzker Prize he received 20 years ago. In the history of the $100,000 prize, it's been awarded to two… »5/04/13 4:30pm5/04/13 4:30pm

Jackass Sues Gym Over Their 442 Women-Only Hours Per Year

From the same paper that brought us Samantha Brick, meet an even bigger intentionally-controversial shitnugget. His name's Peter Lloyd, he's a London-based men's issues journalist, and he's suing his gym, the Kentish Town Sports Centre, for gender bias. Specifically, for hosting women's-only gym time for 442 hours out…
»4/20/13 6:00pm4/20/13 6:00pm

We Need a Picture of Hillary Clinton In Every Room In America

Hillary Clinton has long been a role model for women in male-dominated fields, but a new study proves that her status as an inspiration is taken quite literally. After conflicting reports from a 2010 study posited that the self-perception of women was detrimentally affected by high-powered ("elite") female figures in… »4/20/13 2:30pm4/20/13 2:30pm

Men Are More Likely to Drop Out of College Than Women, Because They Can Afford It

Why do so many more men than women drop out of college? According to a new study, it's not because of video game addiction or other commonly-decried symptoms of male slackerdom. Rather, according to a new study in the journal Gender and Society, men are much less willing to take on significant debt to finance their… »2/21/13 6:00pm2/21/13 6:00pm

It Costs More To Be A Financially-Illiterate Woman Than A Man

A survey by FINRA, the largest independent securities regulator in the US, has found that, overall, women pay higher interest rates on credit cards than men by .5%. The half a point may look small, but means that over the course of a lifetime, women could be paying as much as thousands of dollars more to borrow money… »9/22/12 4:30pm9/22/12 4:30pm

You Should Probably Be Following This "White Male Privilege" Twitter Feed

While it's not technically #ff (Follow Friday) anymore or whatever, yesterday a helpful tipper clued us into the existence of @maleprivelege, billed in the profile bar as "the big, dumb, invisible monolith." The Tweets, sampled below, are satirical, many gaming-themed, and all of them are right on the money. »9/15/12 2:00pm9/15/12 2:00pm