It’s Not Just Pretty White Girls Who Sext, But You’d Never Guess That From the Media

Everybody sexts. Or, to be more precise, men and women sext, gay and straight people sext, trans and gender-queer folks sext, people of all races, sizes, and (almost all) ages sext. As new research unveiled this week reveals, this impressive diversity, however is almost entirely hidden by the way print media… »3/22/13 7:15pm

Age Is Never Just a Number: How Girls Got Older Men/Younger Women Right

Age is never just a number. Of all the takeaways from the most-recent episode of Girls, that's one of the most unmistakable. Though "One Man's Trash" has been the most-discussed installment of this season (and perhaps of the entire show), much of the commentary has focused on the mind-blowingly insipid suggestion that… »2/12/13 4:50pm

It's Kinda Like Seeing a Painting in a Museum: Find Out What Gay Men Think About Vaginas

This is funny! I was prepared to be kinda annoyed, but instead, I fell in love with all of these dudes. Without vaginas, there wouldn't be gay boys, because, like, they come out of them. And, as a woman, I want to say, "Thank vagina for that!" Because a significant portion of the most important moments in my life… »1/17/13 9:15pm

Poor Pitiful Dudes: Why You Should Defer to Men with Post-Patriarchal Depression

Still grieving over Sandy Hook? While your tear ducts are still flowing, how about shedding a few empathetic drops for a much broader group of victims: depressed and discombobulated white males. Those who once were heroes, filled with a sense of purpose and place? They're now lost young men, reeling from the rapid… »12/21/12 3:55pm

'I Know You Better Than You Know Yourself:' Why Men Cheat With Their Biographers

Do women know men better than those men know themselves? Probably not, but the hopeful expectation that they do is one of the most irresistible (and under-acknowledged) drivers of extramarital affairs. The resignation of CIA director David Petraeus following the revelation of an extramarital affair, like the John… »11/12/12 1:40pm