These Adorable Little Boys Will Solve The Cleaning Gender Gap

The other night I found myself perusing toddler cleaning sets on Amazon, as one does. There I was, looking through the toy Dysons and the tiny play ironing sets when I saw them, and caught a glimpse into our future. A future in which equality reigns and beruffled rubber gloves with faux jewels glued to them in an… »12/20/13 6:15pm12/20/13 6:15pm


Dudes, Relax: The Rise Of Women Does Not Mean the Fall of Men

Attention, men: I know the world is scary and weird right now. I know things are changing a little bit. I know that some of the women are restless and we complain sometimes and sometimes they let us make TV shows and say our opinions real loud. Sometimes we tell you about things you're doing—things you weren't even… »8/09/12 11:30am8/09/12 11:30am

'Men-Ups' Are So Much More Than Just Men Posing Like Pin-Ups

Rion Sabean is a 26-year-old photography student who has started a series of "Men-Ups," in which men who embody what society considers to be manly — bearded, blue collar types —are shot in poses usually reserved for ultra-feminine pin-up girls. The result is not only funny but thought-provoking, and we asked Rion to… »10/05/11 5:35pm10/05/11 5:35pm

Women In Hollywood Speak Out On Women In Hollywood

Today, Salon has the transcript of a roundtable discussion between a group of the most powerful women in Hollywood. The panel was moderated by producer Lynda Obst (Contact, Sleepless in Seattle). Included in the conversation were (among others) writer/director Nora Ephron (When Harry Met Sally), writer/producer Laura… »10/11/07 1:00pm10/11/07 1:00pm

Everything You Know About How Men And Women Relate Is Wrong

Chances are you've heard that men and women communicate differently! And you've probably heard statements like: Women talk more than men; women are more verbally skilled than men; men talk about actions and facts while women talk about feelings; men use language in a competitive way while women use it in a cooperative… »10/09/07 12:00pm10/09/07 12:00pm