Israeli Conference Says Female Doctors Have No Business Talking About Vaginas

The issue of gender segregation has been growing more heated in Israel, and there's an ironic twist to the latest incident. A major conference on gynecology is only featuring male presenters, because really, what the hell do female researchers know about the functions of the wily vagina? » 1/10/12 11:49pm 1/10/12 11:49pm

Israeli Women Enraging Some Men By Refusing To Move To Back of the Bus

Controversy has erupted in Israel over several women refusing to move to the back of the bus for men. Proponents of public transportation gender segregation say that they're only looking out for the ladies' modesty, but opponents say forcing women to move for men puts Israeli society on a slippery slope that could… » 1/05/12 3:40pm 1/05/12 3:40pm