Unemployed Women Take Care of People While Unemployed Dudes Watch TV

If you've ever lived with a dude, you know that men and women, despite political correctness, often live differently. Well now, a survey accounting for every minute of every day of unemployed men and women proved what you knew already—women are spending the time they're not at a job taking care of people … while dudes… »1/07/15 5:00pm

Woman Mimics Self-Serious Male Writers With Cigarettes, Men Look Dumb

Remember all of those feminist engagement photos, where the groom is being carried instead of the bride? Well, photographer Szilvia Molnar’s series The Man, The Writer, and His Cigarette tackles the same gender reversal idea except with images of cool male authors with cigarettes. Let’s all imagine if the Malboro man… »6/26/14 7:15pm

One Small Step for 'The Last of Us,' One Big Step for Gender Equality

Turns out video games are pretty close t0 ye olde Disney movies, where a female character often needs to be saved by a man. But in a new game called The Last of Us, lead female character Ellie is saving herself. User interface designer Alexandria Neonakis, who works for Naughty Dog, the company that created The Last… »12/31/13 5:00pm

Goth Barbie Celebrates ‘Freaky Flaws' by Looking Like Regular Barbie

Back in the days of yore (2010), toy giant Mattell lumbered into its laboratory and came out with an atypical line of dolls that's since been affectionately nicknamed "Goth Barbies." That term isn't exactly right — in reality, the brand is a bit different. The toy line is called Monster High, and it's set in a… »7/17/13 12:46pm

Women are Closing the ‘Infidelity Gap.' What Gap Will We Close Next?

Gather around, fellow feminists, because I have exciting news: we've done it at long last! We've begun to close that infamous gap between men and women — you know the one — that yawning gulf of inequality that insidiously reinforces patriarchy. You know what I'm talking about, ladies. That's right, we're finally »7/03/13 5:20pm

Gabrielle Reece, Wife of He-Man Surfer Laird Hamilton, Says Being ‘Submissive’ Is Totally a Sign of Strength

Gabrielle Reece, former volleyball luminary and wife of surf Olympian Laird “Anatomically Correct” Hamilton, appeared on the Today show on Friday to promote her new book and talk about the virtues of being a “submissive” spouse, because the best way to cultivate a healthy, modern relationship is to return to the… »4/14/13 2:00pm