Jamaica Kincaid Says People Only Say She’s Angry Because She’s Black

After recently opting to read part of Paradise Lost instead of her own (relatively) brand-new novel, See Now Then, at PEN’s World Voices Festival of International Literature, Jamaica Kincaid talked to The American Reader about her career, as in, how it has been so awesome that she can get up onstage and read a little… »5/05/13 10:30pm5/05/13 10:30pm

No One Knows Who the Hell Is in Charge Anymore

Did you hear? Men are over. No, wait. Women are over. Women never began. Men are in now all boys. Women are banding together to keep boys down. Women are glitter-obsessed little girls. Scratch that. They're confident business bosses being pressed under the glass ceiling and pinned down like insect specimens. Forget… »10/01/12 11:40am10/01/12 11:40am

Mad Men: Where Blatant Sexism Meets Chivalry

I only just got into Mad Men »7/28/08 3:00pm7/28/08 3:00pm this weekend: in fact, I watched the entire first season in one day in order to prepare for the premiere of the second season last night, and I am now . Aside from the fact that stories are compelling, complex, and wonderfully layered, I love how much focus is placed on the gender politics…