This Commercial Totally Nails the Double Standard for Men and Women

A woman will often be called pushy for the same thing a man would be called persuasive for. Or she'll get called a bitch when he gets called a boss. We know this, but it's very rare that we see the double standard so plainly called out in a nationally syndicated commercial. Of course, now that that very commercial is… »12/06/13 6:45pm12/06/13 6:45pm

Sweden Introduces New Movie Rating System Based on the Bechdel Test

OH MY GOD, SWEDEN. Staaaaaaahhp!!! Fresh on the heels of codifying their new gender-neutral pronoun, those plucky Swedes are getting even more proactive in their attempts to turn mommies into people. Unafraid to incorporate feminist thought (i.e. basic fucking equality) into official policy—can you imagine!?—some… »11/06/13 5:50pm11/06/13 5:50pm

Google Donates Over $1 Million to the Fight for Gender Balance in Children's Media

Founded in 2004, the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media is a research-based organization dedicated to analyzing and changing female portrayals and gender stereotypes in children's media and entertainment. Tuesday, Google launched the Global Impact Awards, and announced that the Geena Davis Institute would… »12/06/12 4:30pm12/06/12 4:30pm

Report Confirms Congress a Bunch of Old White Dudes

A new report has found that in spite of cultural advancement, American lawmakers are still overwhelmingly old, overwhelmingly white, and overwhelmingly male. A whopping 85% of Senators and about 83% of House members are dudes, and their average age hovers around 60. It's no wonder Congress legislates like a bitter old… »2/27/12 12:50pm2/27/12 12:50pm