Male Employees File Sex Discrimination Lawsuit Against Ruby Tuesday

Late last week, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission filed a federal lawsuit in Eugene, Oregon against restaurant chain Ruby Tuesday. The lawsuit accuses the Tennessee-based company of discriminating against its male employees by hiring only women for summer bartender positions at its Park City, Utah outpost. » 1/25/15 11:15am 1/25/15 11:15am

Top Baseball Official Files Gender Discrimination Suit Against MLB

Sylvia Lind, a Cuban American woman who is Major League Baseball's top-ranking Latina, has filed suit against MLB, saying she has been paid less and passed over for promotions in favor of less-qualified white men for over 20 years. » 12/12/14 7:10pm 12/12/14 7:10pm

US Government Files First Transgender Employment Discrimination Suits

Following decisions by the U.S. Department of Labor and other federal agencies that Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 applies to transgender individuals, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission filed its first two transgender discrimination lawsuits on Thursday. » 9/26/14 12:20pm 9/26/14 12:20pm

'She Taxis': Nice Thought, Totally Discriminatory​

I get it, Uber can be sketchy. There would seem to be a market opportunity for the new car service called "SheRides" (in New York City) or "SheTaxis" (in Westchester). The company will offer all female drivers for only female clients. » 9/10/14 10:33am 9/10/14 10:33am

Chinese Women Call Out Employers on Bullshit Gender Discrimination

Since the late 1970s, the wage gap between men and women in China has been growing steadily, thanks mostly to the country's shift to a more market-oriented economy. Well, that and some good old fashioned gender bias, of course. » 12/30/13 2:30pm 12/30/13 2:30pm

Tennessee Wal-Mart Employees File Yet Another Lawsuit Accusing the…

The series of discrimination lawsuits against Wal-Mart has officially become a trilogy, with news today that three Tennessee employees have sued the bloated retailer, claiming that they lost pay and promotion opportunities simply because they are women. » 10/02/12 9:15pm 10/02/12 9:15pm

Chick-fil-A Sued for Gender Discrimination, Would Prefer Women Fry…

Amid the storm of shit that is currently raining down on the fire-engine red signs of Chick-fil-A, the homophobic purveyor of fried chicken is now facing allegations of gender discrimination. According to GLAAD, former Chick-fil-A employee Brenda Honeycutt is suing the restaurant chain for wrongful termination… » 7/26/12 9:10pm 7/26/12 9:10pm

Jimmy Fallon Sued Over Female Gender Bias

Jimmy Fallon has been widely recognized as one of the nicest guys in the late night business, but that hasn't stopped him from being sued for punitive damages and lost wages by former employee Paul Tarascio. Tarascio claims Fallon had him fired and replaced by a "totally incompetent woman." Tarascio accuses Fallon of… » 1/25/12 12:20pm 1/25/12 12:20pm

Wal-Mart's New Plan For Women (Suppliers)

Wal-Mart is unveiling a plan to eventually double purchases from women-owned suppliers, and invest in the advancement of women at its various vendors and agencies. Not mentioned, as far as we can see: The over 1 million women who actually work in the stores. » 9/14/11 10:55am 9/14/11 10:55am

Wal-Mart Women Pick Up The Pieces

As predicted, many of the women who were unable to sue Wal-Mart for gender discrimination as a class are preparing smaller-scale claims. Now they've been given more time to do so. » 7/25/11 11:04am 7/25/11 11:04am

Woman Says She Was Fired For Refusing To Dye Gray Hair

When Sandra Rawline, a branch manager at Capital Title of Texas, was told she had to dye her hair from its natural gray, the boss was extra helpful, even offering to dye Rawline's hair for her. Rawline refused, and the next week she was fired and replaced with a woman ten years younger. » 7/11/11 4:05pm 7/11/11 4:05pm

Costco Women Are About To Find Out What Wal-Mart Means For Them

Add about a thousand female Costco employees to the 1.5 million Wal-Mart women who are going to feel the impact of the Supreme Court's ruling on class action discrimination suits this week. Of course, the parties disagree on how much of a dealbreaker the Wal-Mart decision will be for the Costco case. » 6/23/11 10:15am 6/23/11 10:15am

Wal-Mart Women's Fight Is Far From Over

What would have been the largest discrimination case in history against the nation's largest private employer will not go forward as a class, thanks to the Supreme Court's decision yesterday. Here's what's next. » 6/21/11 10:50am 6/21/11 10:50am

How The Wal-Mart Women Lost

All nine Justices today agreed on a legal point about whether the women suing Wal-Mart count as a single class. It's where they disagreed, 5-4 along ideological lines, that matters — namely, whether you can have a discriminated class without a written policy of discrimination. Guess which side all three female… » 6/20/11 2:00pm 6/20/11 2:00pm

Supreme Court Sides With Wal-Mart In Gender Discrimination Class-Action…

In a unanimous decision, the justices said that the up to 1.6 million women who were allegedly discriminated against at Wal-Mart could not sue as a class. The Court hasn't ruled on whether Wal-Mart has discriminated against female employees. [Earlier] » 6/20/11 10:44am 6/20/11 10:44am

Accounting Giant Sued For Gender Discrimination

A proposed class-action lawsuit accuses KPMG of discriminating against women at the company, where they form half of all employees but make up 18 percent of partners. The suit seeks $350 million in lost pay and benefits. » 6/02/11 5:45pm 6/02/11 5:45pm

Sexual Harassment Suit Alleges Employee Ear Licking

Ten women allege that the manager at Chicago's Tilted Kilt "us[ed] a straw to shoot water down their dresses and "lick[ed] one or more of the complainants' ears." We presume the number of ears licked emerges in discovery. » 6/02/11 3:55pm 6/02/11 3:55pm

Bloomberg Gets Pissy During Gender Discrimination Deposition

Recently-released excerpts from New York mayor Michael Bloomberg's deposition in a gender discrimination lawsuit against his company confirm that he kind of acted like an asshole. » 4/15/11 2:27pm 4/15/11 2:27pm

Women Sue Virginia Tech For Pay Inequality, "Wet Noodle" Comments

Three female ex-employees are suing Virginia Tech, claiming the university paid them less than men in comparable positions. One says her would-be boss explicitly told her she was worth less because she was a woman. » 4/06/11 1:02pm 4/06/11 1:02pm