Geena Davis Does a Great Impression of Jack Nicholson Hitting on Her

On Jimmy Kimmel Thursday night, Geena Davis stopped by and talked about her early years in the business (she got her start as a Victoria's Secret model). Davis revealed that when she worked with Dustin Hoffman on Tootsie, he gave her something to say to get out of sleeping with costars who were hitting on her: "I'm… »11/07/14 10:10am11/07/14 10:10am

Revisiting Cutthroat Island, the Feminist Pirate Movie That Failed

The 1995 movie Cutthroat Island has the dubious honor of at one point holding the title of biggest Hollywood flop. As the Guinness Book of World Records explained in honoring the film, it cost roughly $100 million to make but earned back only $11 million worldwide. Green lit during the girl power boom of the '90s and… »10/18/14 1:15pm10/18/14 1:15pm

Thelma and Louise Is Even More Awesome Than I Remembered

Thelma and Louise: The ultimate road movie, feminist revenge flick, 128 minutes of vicious male-bashing, the one where Brad Pitt is stoopid sexy, a punk-rock Western — however you think of this iconic 1991 film from Oscar-winner Callie Khouri and director Ridley Scott starring Geena Davis as the fun-loving Thelma, and… »1/13/14 2:20pm1/13/14 2:20pm

How Hollywood Helps Deter Women from Computer Science

The New York Times today would like to suggest that storytelling is powerful, that, in the whole art/life dynamic, it’s life that imitates art, not the other way around, at least not when it comes to kids imagining viable career paths for themselves. For instance, too many “Dilbert” perusals and Office Space viewings… »10/26/13 1:30pm10/26/13 1:30pm

Geena Davis Wants to Give Hollywood a Heads Up That Female Characters Need Way More Speaking Roles

When Geena Davis waded through the miasma of G-rated movies with her young daughter, she noticed a troubling phenomenon: male characters outnumbered female characters by a pretty striking margin. What's more, male characters were more often portrayed in leadership positions, meaning that, if a young female viewer were… »11/25/12 4:00pm11/25/12 4:00pm

Geena Davis Cites The Feminist Implications of I Dream Of Jeannie

At the Women's Foundation of Colorado, Academy Award-winning actress Geena Davis spoke about gender stereotyping in films and her personal career experiences with the issue. Her nonprofit, the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media, works with industry producers to increase and strengthen depictions of women in… »9/22/12 1:30pm9/22/12 1:30pm