Entrepreneur Seeks Driver/Secretary Who Looks and Acts Like His Favorite Sexy Video Game Character

In fantastic news for unemployed Australian women, a commerce student recently posted an extremely long (on purpose, as to "filter out the less keen people") job description on the job search site "Seek." He's looking for the right secretary/driver for his upcoming media/arts publishing company, which will be a mix… »11/29/12 3:40pm11/29/12 3:40pm

Comic Con's Women Are Outfitting Geeky Female Fans — and Making Bank, Too

Female Comic Con attendees have a lot of bullshit to contend with — booth babe jokes, depressing "women aren't funny" quotes from Joseph Gordon-Levitt — but before they can deal with all that, they have to get dressed. Until a few years ago, it was difficult for comic aficionados who also have vaginas to find… »10/12/12 10:30am10/12/12 10:30am

Felicia Day Wants You to Know That Geeks Are Cool Now and She's Telling You in Song

I don't mean to blow anyone's mind here, but Felicia Day is very pretty. She has a nice face and beautiful hair and probably doesn't get judged for being a geek based on appearance alone. That said, her devotion to geekdom is genuine — she's written and starred in five seasons of The Guild, a webseries revolving… »4/02/12 6:15pm4/02/12 6:15pm

Jersey Shore Creators Target Nerds For Dubious Stardom

Depending on how much you watch the show, Jersey Shore's transformation of a few unknown guidos and guidettes into an international fame plague was either the best thing or the worst thing ever to happen to entertainment. Now comes the good (or bad) news that the same company that unearthed Snooki and Pauly D is… »12/23/11 9:30am12/23/11 9:30am

TLC Invites You To Gawk At Nerds On Geek Love

Now that TLC has presented its fascinating/funny/exploitative portrait of virgins, it's moving on to one of the most commonly mocked segments of our society: Geeks. As a nerd who wishes her fiancé could make such an impressive wookiee noise, I'm certainly not the target audience for this trailer, but I suspect we're… »12/14/11 9:46pm12/14/11 9:46pm