Revisiting Geek Love, a Real American Horror Story

I first read Katherine Dunn's 1989 novel Geek Love several years ago on the recommendation of my friend Robin. At that point, she still lived in Arkansas, and I'd just come through on tour with a heavy metal band from Georgia. She insisted I give it a chance, ignoring my insistence that I don't usually read fiction.… » 10/29/14 6:00pm 10/29/14 6:00pm

TLC Invites You To Gawk At Nerds On Geek Love

Now that TLC has presented its fascinating/funny/exploitative portrait of virgins, it's moving on to one of the most commonly mocked segments of our society: Geeks. As a nerd who wishes her fiancé could make such an impressive wookiee noise, I'm certainly not the target audience for this trailer, but I suspect we're… » 12/14/11 9:46pm 12/14/11 9:46pm

The Male-Dominated World Of Hackathons

"Where are the lady geeks?" asks Fast Company blogger Jeffrey To. Over the course of six months, he attended dozens of hackathons, and found that women were sorely underrepresented. » 2/28/11 6:00pm 2/28/11 6:00pm

MTV Gets It Wrong With Nerds

"My nerd cred is attacked all the time. People think that that was fabricated by MTV. That's the hardest rumor for me to deal with," says Liz Lee, star of the faux-reality show My Life as Liz. Boo-fucking-hoo. With over 200,000 Twitter followers and a second season of her own show on MTV, it's stupid, and frankly… » 2/16/11 3:52pm 2/16/11 3:52pm

Isabella Blow's Widower Lashes Out At McQueen

Michelle Rodriguez Has Noticed A Shift In Hollywood's Leading Men

Although: The Expendables did beat Scott Pilgrim at the box office. Still, she has a point. But it's tough to tell whether she thinks this is a good thing or bad thing. » 9/09/10 11:57am 9/09/10 11:57am

What, Exactly, Is Pink Trying To Say In Her New Video? An Analysis

In a new video for "Please Don't Leave Me," (the second clip for the same song), Pink plays a "gorgeous giantess" whose suitors literally don't measure up. They're all small. And worse: Dull. » 8/09/10 3:13pm 8/09/10 3:13pm

Tolkien's Ladies: Is Geek Culture Female-Friendly?

Are geeks and feminists allies or enemies? One feminist geek tackles the question head-on with her praise of a Lord of the Rings heroine — but geekdom has more to offer than its (few) female characters. » 3/17/10 12:30pm 3/17/10 12:30pm

Sorry, Cosmo: Geeks Can Be Jerks, Too

"He may be bit of a geek," a recent Cosmo piece begins, "but the guy you've always thought of as 'just a friend' could be the best boyfriend you've ever had." Or, you know, he could be a total jackass. » 3/13/10 5:45pm 3/13/10 5:45pm

I'm Not Handing In My Geek Card, I'm Just Letting It Rest For A Second

Everyone and their mother, brother, sister, grandma, family dog, pen pal, mailman, paperboy, and Great Aunt Helen is talking about how excited they are to see Star Trek this weekend. Everyone, it seems, except me. » 5/10/09 4:25pm 5/10/09 4:25pm

When Loving A Geek Means Loving Their Annoying Habits

The folks at Wired have compiled a list of the most annoying habits of geeky spouses, and, in a bit of bad news for the majority of our commenters, "punning" takes the number one spot. » 3/15/09 4:30pm 3/15/09 4:30pm

Molto Mario

Combine the thrills of conquering Level One of Super Mario Bros. and, um, knitting, and you've got The Mario Scarf Blog, in which Cassie chronicles her "extreme-geek knitting" project: a woolen tapestry depicting the entire first level of the iconic video game, a project equal in scope to the Bayeux Tapestry. No word… » 8/08/08 9:20am 8/08/08 9:20am

The 'W' In 'Web' Stands For Women

Good news! Jezebel won "Best Group Weblog" and "Best New Weblog" at the Bloggies at SXSW today. Whee! Is it any surprise that a recent study by the Pew Internet Project has found that girls and young women are the most prolific web users? The Times of London reports that "blogging growth among teenagers is almost… » 3/10/08 4:00pm 3/10/08 4:00pm

British Bloke Takes Issue With Writer's Men = Eggs Analogy

"Men are like eggs: They must hatch or go bad." So began a story by writer Laura Nolan in the Times of London earlier this month, titled "Where Have All The Men Gone?" "We have an overload of man-boys — which leaves a generation of single, thirtysomething women who are their natural mates bewildered," Nolan noted,… » 2/15/08 3:00pm 2/15/08 3:00pm

Iz Tecknology Ruining Yr Relationships? Expert Sez Yes

Would you rather text someone than talk to them face to face? Then you might have technology overload, which means you engage in addictive behavior towards technological devices According to John O'Neill, the director of addictions services at the Menninger Clinic, "I think [technology overload] shares some of the… » 1/24/08 2:30pm 1/24/08 2:30pm

With so many special-interest dating sites around that focus on everything from ethnicity to bank balance, it's no wonder that the geeks have created a "safe space" for themselves to hook up online. Sweet On Geeks—"a dating space where gray matters," whatever that means—was created for sci fi enthusiasts and Comic Con… » 8/15/07 11:45am 8/15/07 11:45am