What If Queen Latifah Had Announced She's Gay?

Hypothetically, let’s say that Queen Latifah had announced that she is a lesbian during Macklemore's snooze-worthy "Same Love" performance on the Grammy's Sunday night. If she'd broken the unspoken rule of keeping her open secret, how would her world have changed? Maybe Madonna would’ve been to hit those "Open Your Heart"… » 1/27/14 7:45pm 1/27/14 7:45pm

"Leave the Children in Peace," Says Vladimir Putin to Gays

Vladimir Putin should probably stop talking about gay people. In an interview today, the Russian president aimed to downplay fears that gay men and women will be in danger during the upcoming Winter Olympics in Sochi, but instead he might have done the opposite. » 1/19/14 3:59pm 1/19/14 3:59pm

Conservatives STILL Trying to Fight Same-Sex Marriage in Utah

On Monday, a District Judge ruled that Utah's ban against same sex marriage is invalid, despite state lawyers filing for a stay over the weekend. This decision means Utah remains the 18th state where gay couples can marry, along with the District of Columbia. However local conservatives won't let the constitution stop… » 12/24/13 10:40am 12/24/13 10:40am

A Dispatch From a Drag Queen Club in Sochi

As the 2014 Winter Olympic Games loom ever closer, CNN's Phil Black went to Sochi and watched a drag show. Even though in June, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a bill banning "propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations to minors," apparently Sochi has a history of tolerance. » 12/19/13 12:10pm 12/19/13 12:10pm

Turns Out Folks Love Legal Same-Sex Marriage in Washington State

As of today, gay marriage has been legal in Washington state for exactly one year. Has Seattle morphed into an Orwellian dystopia where weeping heterosexual couples are broken up and reassigned to same-sex partners? Are weddings now an underground affair, conducted under the cover of darkness? Let's check in. » 12/06/13 11:00am 12/06/13 11:00am

A Gay Man and Woman Discuss "the Best Sex I've Ever Seen on Screen"

Since its debut earlier this year at the Cannes Film Festival, Abdellatif Kechiche's eventual Palm d'or-winning Blue Is the Warmest Color has been one of the most discussed movies of the year. The three-hour French-language film features about 10 minutes of explicit lesbian sex over three scenes (including one that… » 10/27/13 12:02pm 10/27/13 12:02pm

Newly-Retired Skater Johnny Weir Will Still Dare to Be Gay in Russia

This morning on Today, Johnny Weir announced that he has officially retired from competitive skating and will not participate in a third Olympic Games. "I get old," he offered up as an explaination. Weir had an additional announcement: He will be joining NBC as an "expert figure skating analyst" — doing commentary on the… » 10/23/13 11:10am 10/23/13 11:10am

Augusten Burroughs Bucks Tradition, Writes a Decent 'Modern Love'

Has the New York Times' "Modern Love" column taken a turn for the tolerable? First there was the thought-provoking Jessica Bennett essay about the meaning of marriage, then there that story of the old couple who were each widowed and found each other late in life that made me cry, and now it's novelist Augusten Borroughs … » 5/24/13 3:00pm 5/24/13 3:00pm