Red Dresses, More Pants!, and Real Life BFFs at the Girls Premiere

The women of Girls and friends commenced the Season 4 premiere party last night at Manhattan's Museum of Natural History, where they feted their fabulous lives in the best room in New York, the deep sea one with the giant whale. Who wouldn't want to party with the whale? While the events team deserves a high five,… » 1/06/15 1:30pm 1/06/15 1:30pm

Oprah and Gayle's Relationship Is 'Bizarre, Unhealthy' Says Ex-Stepmom

In "the first of a two-part world exclusive interview" with the Daily Mail, Barbara Winfrey is telling all about her former husband Vernon's daughter. The dirt ranges from allegations that Oprah is snotty about what kind of towels she uses to claims that she encouraged a rift between Barbara and Vernon to comments… » 4/22/14 2:45pm 4/22/14 2:45pm

Feminist Battle: Are You Privileged Enough to Get Some Sleep?

Stylish Daytime Glamour at the Women in Entertainment Breakfast

Oprah, Tight Trousers and a Mustard Caftan at The Butler Premiere

Last night was the New York premiere of The Butler, the Lee Daniels film about a long-term African-American employee at the White House. Fun fact: The script was written by Danny Strong, aka Jonathan on Buffy and Doyle on Gilmore Girls. But this is a red carpet fashion post and we're here for the clothes, so let's… » 8/06/13 2:10pm 8/06/13 2:10pm

Jack White's 'Violent Temper' Earns Him Restraining Order From His Ex

After months of alleged harassment and threats, Karen Elson has filed a restraining order against her husband, a ghost named Jack White, and claimed that he is unfit to be a parent. » 8/02/13 9:00am 8/02/13 9:00am

New Details Revealed About Paris Jackson Suicide Attempt

15-year-old Paris Jackson was rushed to the hospital yesterday after leaving a suicide note, taking 20 Motrin and cutting herself with a kitchen knife — according to a Jackson family lawyer, she is "physically fine." Authorities as well as people close to Paris have since clarified that they don't really think she was… » 6/06/13 9:00am 6/06/13 9:00am

Last Night in NYC a Glam Group of Glitterati Donned Gorge Gowns

Who's got your favorite look here? Liz Hurley, Kate Hudson, Constance Jablonski, Michael Kors, Vera Wang, Gayle King or Donna Karan? » 4/18/13 12:40pm 4/18/13 12:40pm

Great Moments From the Michelle Obama-Oprah Feud That Never Was

Have you heard? Michelle Obama is a jealous, controlling bitch who, above all, hates Oprah for every reason listed in the ancient Book of Female Stereotypes. And everyone knows it is literally not possible for two powerful women to be friends. » 5/14/12 11:30am 5/14/12 11:30am

Time's Most Influential People Dress The Part

It would seem that Time's "100 Most Influential People" (or at least their guests) included Ann Coulter, Sandra Lee, and, um, the Tiger Mom. So, were their fashion choices equally...noteworthy?
» 4/27/11 10:33am 4/27/11 10:33am

An auburn Blake Lively goes all mermaid on us in Zuhair Murad Haute Couture. The effect is slightly Barbie, but stunning…

Seeing Red: Fashion Week Begins

The Heart Truth fashion show — at which celebs don red dresses for women's heart health — is always fun to watch, sort of like a mega-wedding where every bridesmaid gets to choose her own dress. And this was the best one yet. » 2/10/11 10:40am 2/10/11 10:40am

Natasha Bedignfield also went dramatically Old Hollywood. also went "sultry." But…

Does Oprah's New Sister Need To Be Approved By Gayle?

Watch Oprah's All Stars Candidly Chat About Penises

On Ask Oprah's All Stars, Dr. Oz, Dr. Phil and Suze Orman address audience concerns. Tonight, a lesbian couple asked if they should circumcise their son; instead, they received loads of frank penis talk from Orman and host Gayle King. » 1/24/11 10:52am 1/24/11 10:52am

A Heavily Photoshopped Khloe Kardashian Does Most Random, Bondage-y,…

Paula Abdul Has Never Been Drunk In Her Life

The singer/choreographer/former American Idol Judge/cartoon beastiality enthusiast has never been drunk in her life, not a once. No siree. » 1/02/11 10:31am 1/02/11 10:31am

Oprah Denies Being A Lesbian, Cries

Barbara Walters' previewed a clip from her special Oprah, the Next Chapter—airing December 9—in which O breaks into tears when talking about her meaningful friendship with Gayle, adding that the two women are not gay for each other. » 12/08/10 3:33pm 12/08/10 3:33pm

Some Of The Most Unflattering Clothes We've Ever Seen

The launch Of "2BHAPPY" Jewelry Collection brought out both amazing looks — Beyonce, Blake, Estelle — and a red carpet that was good, bad and stupendously ugly. » 11/24/10 10:05am 11/24/10 10:05am

It Was The Best Of Clothes, It Was The Worst Of Clothes: Glamour's

Glamour's 20th annual Women of the Year awards at Carnegie Hall brought together world leaders and royalty with the Hollywood varietal. And the clothes? From regal to royal mess! » 11/09/10 10:35am 11/09/10 10:35am