Grocery Store Censors Elton John's Icky Gay Parenting

Harps, with 60 locations in Oklahoma, Missouri, and Arkansas (where this photo was taken) would like to spare the children from gay sinner Elton John in business casual holding his baby. Must they shove the babies in our faces? » 1/26/11 11:03am 1/26/11 11:03am

What We Can Learn From Gay Parents In The South

The takeaway from the Times story on the prevalence of gay parenting in the South is not that a gay utopia blossoms south of the Mason-Dixon line. It's how important it is for people to create institutions that reflect them. » 1/19/11 3:25pm 1/19/11 3:25pm

Two Male Mice Become Fathers—Together

Scientists have managed to take females out of the reproduction equation by getting two male mice to reproduce together, opening up the possibility for future human male/male reproduction (with a female surrogate to carry). No one tell Christine O'Donnell. » 12/10/10 3:18pm 12/10/10 3:18pm

World Slowly Discovers That Good Parents Are Good Parents, Gay Or…

Get this: parental stress levels and skills matter more to their adopted kids' development than the parents' sexuality. Meanwhile, the fictional lesbian parents on The Kids Are All Right are pissing some people off. » 7/28/10 2:26pm 7/28/10 2:26pm