Lithuania Could Ban Pride Events, Cites "Family Values" "Morals"

Former Soviet Republic Lithuania is getting in on the discrimination game with a vote in parliament on imposing fines for LGBT activities. National anti-gay "propaganda" legislation isn't just for Vladimir Putin and the Russian Federation anymore! Unsurprisingly, the proposed legislation doesn't differ much at all… » 3/12/14 10:01pm 3/12/14 10:01pm

Irrelevant Michele Bachmann Accuses LGBT Community of Bullying

Ever the "pay attention to me and do it NOW" sort, conservative-legend-in-her-own-mind Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn) labeled LGBT opposition to Arizona SB 1062 and its subsequent veto at the hands of Governor Jan Brewer (R) as "bullying the American people." Yes, because that's totally the direction bullying goes… » 3/12/14 3:45pm 3/12/14 3:45pm

Anti-Gay Governor's Gay Hairstylist Quits Over Her Dickery

New Mexico governor Susana Martinez's life just got significantly less fabulous: her hairstylist, a gay salon owner, has refused to style her hair until she stops opposing gay marriage. Depriving a Republican of the services that keep her looking like a modern June Cleaver is an act of defiance louder than a… » 2/22/12 5:25pm 2/22/12 5:25pm

Glenn Beck Loves Michele Bachmann, Hates Children

Easily flustered incoherent homophobe Michele Bachmann was the guest on Glenn Beck's radio program yesterday, and the two of them agreed that the 8-year-old who recently told the Presidential candidate that his gay moms didn't need fixing was put up to it by a couple of shameless lesbians bent on ruining America.… » 12/08/11 4:10pm 12/08/11 4:10pm