Bush’s 9/11 Storytime Kids Are Now 16 and Happy Bin Laden’s Dead

The students of Sandra Kay Daniels' 2nd grade class at Emma E. Booker Elementary School, in Sarasota, FL., were accidental footnotes to history - eyewitnesses to President Bush's stunned, seven-minute reaction to the news that the World Trade Center had been struck by hijacked passenger planes on the morning of… »5/04/11 10:05am5/04/11 10:05am

America’s Most Conflicted Magazine: The Cupcakes and Diet Tips of Woman’s World

Last year, the best-selling magazine in America was Sandra Bullock's "Meet My Baby" issue of People. Second-best? Woman's World's "Dr. Oz's Metabolism Makeover!" issue, which features an image of Dr. Oz on its cover-right next to a picture of a pie. Apparently this a winning formula: Look how many times Dr. Oz has… »4/25/11 3:55pm4/25/11 3:55pm

Dilbert Creator Defends Gwyneth Paltrow From Privileged Black Woman

The ridicule heaped on Scott Adams after being caught using a pseudonym to defend himself on message boards has left an indelible impact on the Dilbert cartoonist. He is now a defender of all famous people from the internet's smears. Let him explain why a black woman blogger has no right to criticize Gwyneth Paltrow's… »4/22/11 5:27pm4/22/11 5:27pm

Journalism’s Finest Hour: Meghan McCain Interviews Donald Trump

We here at Gawker have been too giddy ever since chief Daily Beast wordsmith Meghan McCain mentioned that she'd be interviewing Donald Trump. What nutty and awkward and flirtatious turns would this clash of egos take? Well, the transcript is up now — and Trump has no idea what's happening right off the bat. [Gawker] »4/22/11 11:10am4/22/11 11:10am