Velvet D'Amour: "My Quest Is To Diversify Notions Of Modern Beauty"

Yesterday we got an email that read, "Hi. I am Velvet. I had the good fortune to score the lead in Avida, which has just come out on DVD in the USA. It would be great if you could make mention of this as it is nice to find films willing to be inclusive of the atypical and divorcing themselves from a leading lady which… »6/03/08 4:30pm6/03/08 4:30pm

Marc Jacobs & Suzy Menkes: The Custom T-Shirt For Peace Plan

  • OMG! International Herald Tribune fashion critic Suzy Menkes and designer Marc Jacobs have somehow settled their seemingly-insurmountable differences! After their tiff in New York over Marc's really late fashion show, Marc left Menkes a Marc Jacobs T-shirt with a pretty bow on her seat at Louis Vuitton on Sunday. And…
  • »10/09/07 10:00am10/09/07 10:00am

Jean Paul Gaultier's Biker-Beekeeper-Pirate-CorpseBride Chic

Fifty-five-year-old designer Jean-Paul Gaultier has never been a fan of "subtle". Known as the enfant terrible of French fashion, many of his collections have been based on streetwear, and then twisted into over-the-top, playful, unusual ensembles. He made Madonna's famous cone-bra and often showed skirts (kilts and… »10/02/07 7:00pm10/02/07 7:00pm

Girls Who (Dress) Like Boys Who (Dress) Like Girls: Gaultier Fall 2007 Couture

Jean-Paul Gaultier is probably best known to the world as the guy who, in 1990, put Madonna into a cone bra, and gave her a butch pantsuit with bustier and garter belt to be worn on the outside to best (bear with us) "Express [Her]Self." And frankly, his fall 2007 couture collection is the smartest rendering of gender… »7/05/07 5:25pm7/05/07 5:25pm