Craigslist-ers Trading Sex for Gas Amid Post-Sandy Fuel Crisis

Have you found yourself saying, "Who do I have to blow around here to get gas?" in the wake of Hurricane Sandy's fuel shortage? Maybe it was a rhetorical question, but Craigslist has some literal answers. In a market of low-supply and high-demand, enterprising individuals have taken to the classified site to advertise… »11/05/12 5:05pm11/05/12 5:05pm

New Reasons to Keep Women (and Everyone Else) Out of the Kitchen

For many, the kitchen has traditionally been a place of great comfort and warm fuzzy feelings, but a new study has found that the kitchen might actually be a dangerous and miserable place—not because of the temptation of that freshly baked cake, but because the oven you use to bake that cake might actually be filling… »6/18/12 2:55pm6/18/12 2:55pm

Elderly Carjacking Victim Crawls Across Parking Lot With Broken Leg and No One Helps Him

It's tempting to believe that if a grandfather was carjacked at a gas station in plain sight of other customers, someone would rush to help him. But, alas, humans are horrible. Aaron Brantley, an 86-year-old WWII vet, learned that the hard way a few days ago at a gas station in Detroit. Carjackers broke his leg and… »2/26/12 11:00pm2/26/12 11:00pm

I Went For A Colonic And All I Got Was A Load Of Crap

Click to viewI've had poop issues for some time now. I'm pretty sure I have some kind of mild IBS, although IBS is really just a blanket term for a host of gastrointestinal problems. Anyway, I've only pooped four times in the past three weeks. (Most likely caused by my love affair with any and all cheeses.) So this… »4/15/08 3:00pm4/15/08 3:00pm