If You Mock Garden State, You Will Hurt Zach Braff's Fragile Heart

Garden State, the movie you binged on when you weren’t listening to The Shins’ “New Slang” on repeat, was released 11 years ago. And on September 14, Vice published a commemorative article reliant on one basic premise: we all loved Garden State for exactly one year. Then we realized it was self-indulgent, overwrought… »9/14/15 10:15pm9/14/15 10:15pm


Broad City Made Natalie Portman Feel Bad About Garden State

Garden State has long served as a watered-down gateway to alternative culture for young, emotional fuckboys to be. The soundtrack introduced countless suburbanites to synthesizers and vocal fry, and undoubtedly inspired teen bands across the Northeast to write songs about that one Quirky Girl in their class who no one… »9/11/15 1:30pm9/11/15 1:30pm