Very Dumb #BlameOneNotAll Campaign Is India's Answer to #NotAllMen

Mintified is an Indian website devoted to “inspiring” and/or “viral” posts, using Upworthy-style, desperate headlines. You’ve never heard of it before, you’ll never read about it here again, and you’re only reading these words at this exact moment because of the thunderous trainwreck that is their latest effort:… »5/26/15 7:00pm5/26/15 7:00pm

Horrifying New Zealand Gang Rape Case Leads to Zero Charges

Last year, New Zealand media broke the story of the Roast Busters, a group of young men in West Auckland who picked up girls (most of whom were underage, some as young as 13), gave them alcohol, and gang raped them, only to brag about it on social media. Now a year later, the investigation into the matter has come to… »10/29/14 1:10pm10/29/14 1:10pm

3 Star Athletes Allegedly Orchestrated Horrifying Post-Prom Gang Rape

Star athletes from a powerhouse high school athletic program. A sexual assault that occurred in the middle of a party full of witnesses who knew exactly what was going on but did nothing. Underage drinking. Online rumors. While the sexual assault of an 18-year-old Georgia high school senior by three of her classmates… »6/03/14 4:00pm6/03/14 4:00pm

Facebook Doesn't Consider Page Honoring Rapists 'Violent'

The New Zealand teen rapists known as the Roast Busters met many of their victims over social media and had an active Facebook page where members of the group bragged about getting girls occasionally underaged girls drunk and then gang raping them. When news of their exploits broke in local media, the page… »11/12/13 4:00pm11/12/13 4:00pm

Ringleader of New Zealand Teen Rape Gang Bravely Skips Town

Joseph Parker — privileged son of a Hollywood actor and one of the ringleaders of an Auckland teen rape club that called itself the "Roast Busters" — has fled town. Wow, you'd think a person so super tough that they made a hobby out of incapacitating and raping sometimes-underage girls would be better at handling… »11/11/13 11:35am11/11/13 11:35am

New Zealand Teen Rapists' School Knew About Roast Busters, Did Nothing

As more details emerge about the self-styled New Zealand rape club that called itself the "Roast Busters," naturally, questions arise. Namely: What the fuck? Followed by: What kind of a malformed fucksticks do this kind of thing to other human beings? And, finally, the inevitable: How the fuck did this happen? It… »11/08/13 11:30am11/08/13 11:30am

What's Happening With The New Zealand Teen Rape Club Case? Not Enough.

Earlier this week, a group of privileged New Zealand teen boys called the Roast Busters made international news for basically being a social media-active gang rape club that the cops (and much of the community) ignored for years. Now — finally — it seems that the people who enabled and made excuses for the boys are in… »11/07/13 11:20am11/07/13 11:20am

Wife of Convicted India Rapist Faces a Devastating Life Alone

24-year-old Punita Devi's husband is one of four men convicted of raping and killing a young physiotherapy student on a New Delhi bus last December. Now that her husband is sentenced to death, she's sentenced to a life of poverty and rejection: not because he's a rapist, but because she's a woman without a husband. »9/25/13 10:25am9/25/13 10:25am

First Rapist Convicted in Delhi Gang Rape Gets Three Years in Prison

An Indian court has sentenced the 18-year-old youth who was being tried for his role in the gang rape of a young woman on a New Delhi bus last year to three years in prison, sparking outrage from the victim’s family, who argued that the young man should have been tried as an adult despite the fact that he was 17 when… »9/01/13 12:30pm9/01/13 12:30pm

Two More Men Arrested in Latest Horrifying Indian Gang Rape

Two more men have been arrested in the gang rape of a photojournalist in India. Police in Mumbai announced that they arrested a fourth suspect on Saturday and a fifth suspect on Sunday after 19-year-old Chand Babu Sattar Shaikh reportedly confessed to the crime and named the other men involved while in police custody… »8/25/13 12:30pm8/25/13 12:30pm

Where Are India's 60 Million Missing Girls? The Tragic, Obvious Answer

Sunny Hundal, the author of e-book India Dishonored: Behind a Nation's War On Women, has written a fascinating piece for Al Jazeera that some readers might consider an exposé on India's shocking amount of missing women — but in actuality, it's just an amassing of public census data and facts that have been reported… »8/10/13 5:00pm8/10/13 5:00pm