Watch a Price Is Right Model Slowly Die Inside After Ruining the Show

Schadenfreude: Everyone wants it, but not everyone can have it all the time. Tonight, however, I present you with a video of such shameful proportions that you will delightedly press play again and again as you cringe inwardly for the Price Is Right model who ruined the entire show by accidentally giving away a… » 4/02/15 9:15pm 4/02/15 9:15pm

Weird-Ass Sex Box Talk Show Is Coming to America

America, too exhausted from tracking the daily activities of thousands of Real Housewives to come up with its own novel ideas for shows, is importing another British concept next season: a show called Sex Box. No verbal trickery here — the show literally involves people having sex in a soundproof box on a soundstage… » 3/12/14 1:20pm 3/12/14 1:20pm

Fox's New Dating Show Doesn't Grant Equal Time to the Ladies

Last week we got excited for The Choice, the show that's basically The Voice meets The Bachelor meets The Dating Game. The concept: Celebrities sit in chairs, with their backs to potential dates, and pull a "love handle" to turn around if they like what they hear. Today, the stars involved have been announced, and… » 5/09/12 11:00am 5/09/12 11:00am