Jeff Foxworthy’s New Bible Trivia Show Features Comically Oversized Bibles

Before we start worrying about what Jeff Foxworthy's new biblical trivia show means for the future of Inherit the Wind viewings in this country, let's all take a moment to snicker at the outrageously HUGE bibles that contestants will be pouring over. I mean, it's just silly looking. All judgment aside, — and there's… »7/17/12 11:15pm7/17/12 11:15pm


Marie Claire's "Price Is Bright" Spread Will Make You Squeal Like A Game Show Contestant

Only those closest to me know about my undying, very real, incredibly true love for The Price Is Right »10/28/08 5:00pm10/28/08 5:00pm. As a kid, I spent summers at my grandfather's house and watched Bob Barker every single day, spreading joy and an uncanny knowledge for the retail cost of Mr. Clean. When I stumbled upon the "Price Is Bright" photo…

Celebrity Family Feud: Holly Madison Isn't Familiar With Hef's Nightstand

Last night on Celebrity Family Feud, The Girls Next Door faced off against the family of actor Vincent Pastore. (He's the guy who played Big Pussy on The Sopranos.) Interestingly, Bridget was the leader of her "family" instead of #1 girlfriend Holly. When it was Holly's turn to go up to the buzzer, the question seemed… »7/02/08 3:00pm7/02/08 3:00pm

Celebrity Family Feud: Ice-T Vs. Joan Rivers

Celebrity Family Feud debuted last night and it was awesome. My sister and I used to come home from swimming lessons in the summer and watch the back-to-back block of Family Feud and The Price Is Right, so this new trend of game shows returning to prime time is more than welcome. Last night it was Ice-T's family vs.… »6/25/08 11:00am6/25/08 11:00am