New Game Lets You Squirt Politicians in Protest of Porn Laws

Last year, the U.K. redoubled their efforts to control women in the pornographic industry, banning acts such as female ejaculation (male ejaculation is fine) and face-sitting for their graphic and offensive nature. (Have lawmakers met porn?) A new video game aims to protest these restrictions. » 3/05/15 7:20pm 3/05/15 7:20pm

Hot: Jax Teller Might Be Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades Movie

Supposedly Sons of Anarchy actor Charlie Hunnam is now Universal's first choice to play Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey. Generally speaking, casting rumors are no fun — unless they involve a really hot person whose .gif you can blow up to four times its size and share on the Internet. You're welcome. » 8/21/13 9:00am 8/21/13 9:00am

Today in Do Not Want: Pix of Justin Bieber Naked With a Guitar

While the last bastion between us and Justin Bieber's ass has been little more than thin cotton boxers for awhile now, it's all over. I have seen Culo del Beebo, and so will you. These photos were taken at Thanksgiving at his grandma's house in Toronto, where he serenaded her, naked, with an acoustic guitar. Because… » 8/12/13 9:00am 8/12/13 9:00am

Chess: The World's Classiest Drinking Game

For obvious reasons, drinking games don't usually require a ton of careful, long-term strategy, but why not test the limits of your brain with this chess set made of wine glasses. Drinking as you play is bound to make your game A LOT more interesting—though you might be so hammered by the end that you'll have no idea… » 6/14/12 10:00am 6/14/12 10:00am

You Can Look Forward to Playing a Workplace Version of the Hunger Games

Finding a job is hard enough these days. Then once you've got one, you've got to work your ass off while also dealing with office politics and annoying coworkers. Well, it's about to get even worse for some of you, because there's a growing trend among companies of encouraging their employees to compete in "fun"… » 5/03/12 1:15pm 5/03/12 1:15pm

Don't Bother Feeling Regret, It Will Only Make You Miserable

There are countless proverbs that urge us not to feel regret—no use crying over spilled milk, etc. While feeling it may generally be considered a waste, since what's done is done, a new study published in Science found that learning to live without regret might also be the key to making sure you're not miserable when… » 4/23/12 10:25am 4/23/12 10:25am

Beyonce Goes Incognito, But Jay-Z Lets It All Hang Out

NEW YORK, NY - APRIL 15: Recording artists Jay-Z, right, and Beyonce Knowles, left, attend a game between the Miami Heat and New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden on April 15, 2012 in New York City. (Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images) » 4/15/12 10:30pm 4/15/12 10:30pm

Watch Steven Tyler Destroy the National Anthem

Depending on how much you like your singers to sound like dying animals, Steven Tyler either destroyed "The Star-Spangled Banner" before today's AFC Championship game, as in knocked it out of the park, or destroyed it as in you cringe so hard that your face breaks. Either way, you have to give Tyler major props for… » 1/22/12 8:00pm 1/22/12 8:00pm

Hey, Let's Not Play the Choking Game

College kids do a lot of dumb shit—as anyone who has ever been one can tell you—but a new study suggests co-eds these days are doing something particularly stupid: playing the Choking Game. » 1/20/12 10:30am 1/20/12 10:30am

"The Secret World Of Men:" A Pickup Artist's Assistant Tells All

Elizabeth Haag used to work for a pickup artist. After we wrote about female pickup artists (or the lack thereof), she contacted us to tell her story of misogyny, sex in bathroom stalls — and a growing sympathy for men. » 3/22/10 2:40pm 3/22/10 2:40pm

Dimitri The Movie: The Return Of An AIDS-Denying "Anti-Pickup Artist"

Seduction guru and alleged sexual assaulter/weapons stockpiler Dimitri the Lover (aka James Sears) is apparently returning to the spotlight, with a movie produced by one of the men behind Borat and Bruno. » 2/17/10 1:00pm 2/17/10 1:00pm

Pickup Artist Summit Showcases "Sensitivity," Incoherence

"If [God] didn't want me to use my dick, He wouldn't have put all those pleasure centers on it. [...] These are the things I think about when I'm diving into my LSD worlds, doing my mind sciences." [True/Slant] » 11/23/09 3:30pm 11/23/09 3:30pm

Can A Woman Be A Pickup Artist?

Nerve's Caitlin MacRae decided to find out what happens when a woman uses the pickup-artistry techniques "pioneered" by guys like Neil Strauss and Mystery. The results: not good. » 9/22/09 2:00pm 9/22/09 2:00pm