Jason Alexander Issues Serviceable Apology for Calling Cricket a ‘Gay Sport’

Just in case anyone was really starting to pine for some vintage George Costanza foot-swallowing, actor and recently re-sodded cranium Jason Alexander called cricket a "gay sport" last week on Craig Ferguson's Are You Still Fucking Awake? talk program. Alexander expatiated on cricket's supposed homosexuality: »6/03/12 3:00pm6/03/12 3:00pm


Ha, Rick Santorum Unwisely Decides to Fondle Some Balls

First there were the many corn-dog-eating candidates who got busted on film. Then there was this classic gif of Rick Santorum enjoying a nice cold phallic ice cream cone. And now comes this delightful image of Rickles touching balls at a bowling alley in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. Dude, have those who have gone before… »3/25/12 11:15pm3/25/12 11:15pm