Did Libyan Video of a Journalist's Rape Get Posted on YouTube? [Warning: Graphic Images]

Editor's note: We have since added additional pixelation to all of the images, including those of the attackers. This post is ultimately about the existence of a video, thus the images ARE the story — without them, there's nothing. To remove them would be, in effect, to un-report the story. Which is not going to… »2/08/12 5:20pm2/08/12 5:20pm


Condoleezza Rice Cruelly Refuses To Sing The Song Gaddafi Wrote About Her

When Condi Rice appeared on last night's Daily Show to talk about her new book, Jon Stewart went straight for the real story at hand: the time Condi met Gaddafi. The former Secretary Of State had been warned of the tyrant's "creepy obsession" with her but went he gave up his "weapons of mass destruction" in 2008,… »11/02/11 10:10am11/02/11 10:10am