Gabourey Sidibe, Your BFF, Does Not Give A Crap About Fitting In

In an interview with everyone's favorite publication randomly found at my local laundromat, Parade Magazine, Gabourey Sidibe talks about how much fun it is to play Queenie (AKA THE BEST WITCH EVVVAAAA) on American Horror Story and why Minotaur sex is probably not all it's cracked up to be (Awww, boo; had such high… »11/16/13 12:45pm11/16/13 12:45pm

Pretty Dresses and Befeathered Shoes at The Host Premiere

Even though I've read stuff about the movie The Host — based on a novel by Twilight's Stephenie Meyer — I have no idea WTF it's about. Aliens, body image, love? (Also, I've already seen an awesome movie called The Host, it was a Korean monster movie.) All I know is there were some cute dresses on display at a… »3/28/13 12:05pm3/28/13 12:05pm

That Time Joan Cusack Told Gabourey Sidibe She Should Quit Showbiz

Last night on Watch What Happens, Gabourey Sidibe was asked which celebrity she found the most disappointing upon meeting them. You'd think she'd name a notorious asshole or a known diva, but surprisingly, she shared an anecdote about Joan Cusack. The two had met at an industry party before Sidibe's star-turning… »4/26/12 12:00pm4/26/12 12:00pm

Gabourey Sidibe Gets A Kiss From Her Crush Brian Williams, Makes Us Jealous

Gabby Sidibe was on Today this morning, where she stood next to her crush, Brian Williams. "We've done a few charity events together. We've had our moments," BriWi admitted. "We might as well say it in front of everybody." Then Gabby said, "Kind of in love with Brian Williams!" And giggle-snorted. Pretty damn cute.… »10/28/11 12:20pm10/28/11 12:20pm