Hot Damn, Target Is Launching a Plus-Size Line That Might Be Fantastic

Well, well, well—I guess Target wasn't totally full of shit when they pinkie-promised that sharp new plus-size clothing was coming. Will wonders never cease? » 1/21/15 10:10am 1/21/15 10:10am

The Plus-Size Supply and Demand Problem: 'Fatkini' Sells Out Instantly

Gabi Gregg's swimwear collaboration with Swimsuits For All was eagerly anticipated by the fashion blogger's thousands of fans. But order fulfillment and inventory issues have left would-be customers disappointed by cancelled orders. And, though many say Swimsuits For All was quick to charge their credit cards, the… » 5/23/13 5:00pm 5/23/13 5:00pm

Fatkini Blogger Gabi Gregg Looked Fierce On This Morning's Today Show

Blogger and plus-sized fashion advocate Gabi Gregg accrued Internet popularity this past April after posting photos of herself lounging by the pool in her slamming black and white bikini. She then encouraged others to do the same as a part of XOJane's Fatkini Gallery and share they did! Sadly, not all of the… » 5/30/12 4:40pm 5/30/12 4:40pm

Fat Ladies in Bikinis Just Can't Win

Gabi Gregg, "full time fat girl/personal style blogger" put together a slide show of 31 "hot sexy fat girls in skimpy swimwear" that was posted on XOJane today. » 5/24/12 4:50pm 5/24/12 4:50pm

Another Take on Bikini Season: Fuck It, Just Rock What You Got

Here's a counterpoint to the study which found that swimsuit shopping makes you feel like crap: A picture of a gorgeous gal rocking the shit out of a bikini. Blogger/writer/fashionista/Twitter expert Gabi Gregg writes of her "Fatkini," "[It] makes my enormous boobs look even bigger but I don't care." And: » 4/24/12 6:40pm 4/24/12 6:40pm

MTV's New Twitter Jockey Is "Young, Fat, And Fabulous"

Congrats to 23-year-old Gabi Gregg — proprietress of Young, Fat And Fabulous, fashionista, plus-sized fashion advocate, and all-around badass — for winning a nationwide vote to be MTV's first "TJ." And congrats to MTV for getting it right. » 8/09/10 3:25pm 8/09/10 3:25pm