One of These Hillary Clintons Is Not Like the Others

Hillary Clinton showed up for a meeting of the G-20 Foreign Ministers in Mexico and lived every party guests' nightmare: wearing the wrong outfit. The State Department said there was no dress code issued that they'd missed; so it wasn't by design that she wore a bold color while everyone else wore boring old white.… »2/21/12 11:15pm2/21/12 11:15pm

You Know It's Bad When Sarah Palin Makes More Sense Than Anyone

On what is rapidly turning into a day of major annoyances, it doesn't help that Sarah Palin seems to be making more sense than her fellow Republicans or that a guy who performed an exorcism on his college girlfriend might be her competition for the Republican nomination in 2012. Actually, what am I saying? Those might… »11/12/08 10:00am11/12/08 10:00am