Ciara and Future Are Reportedly Headed Toward Joint Custody of Baby Future

A judge is reportedly leaning toward awarding Ciara and Future joint custody of their son Future Zahir Wilburn, who will turn two on Thursday, according to TMZ. Ciara has been lobbying for sole custody of their child, in addition to filing a $15 million defamation suit that is meant to keep her name out dad Future’s…


Ciara Files $15 Million Defamation Suit Against Future for Calling Her a Bad Mom

Since Ciara and Future broke up in August 2014, it’s the rapper who’s had the most to say about it, up to and including his most recent album EVOL, which includes numerous allusions to what could be construed as his ex. (On “Little Haiti Baby,” he raps, “You want an R&B chick? Shawty, it ain’t nothin’ to get her.”)


Watch Lauren Greenfield's Doc On Magic City, Legendary ATL Strip Club

Anyone who even has a cursory interest in Southern hip-hop culture knows that for decades, Atlanta’s Magic City “Adult Entertainment Nightclub” has been its fulcrum—so important in breaking and predicting hit records that superstars would rather service their tracks to its DJs than anyone at radio.

Mila J & Future Dropped a Freaky Sex Heater, Also An Ode to Jodeci

As most sane people know, Jodeci’s “Freek’N You” is one of the best sex jams of all time. I’m not sure if this in fact is a case for Future’s sanity (he messed things up with Ciara, for god’s sake) but at least here, in the presence of Mila J, we know he still possesses a modicum of reason. On “Freaknic,” the duo…