A First Look at the Beautiful New Furniture IKEA's Bringing To the U.S.

I'll admit it: I love what IKEA's been up to lately. They're making high-tech however affordable desks. They're reissuing simple but sophisticated midcentury modern designs. And now, they're bringing a whole slew of drop dead gorgeous furniture to the United States, much of which is made of solid wood. I love it. »1/08/15 12:57pm1/08/15 12:57pm


Couple Finds a Dying Snake in a Free Curbside Couch Because Of Course

Snakes. Ssssssssnakessssssss. Some people swear by snakes, but other people foreswear snakes. Whatever your personal feelings about snakes, though, we can all probably agree that too many irresponsible people have decided to adopt pet snakes that either get too big, are actually poisonous, or slither into a drain… »1/01/14 6:00pm1/01/14 6:00pm

Man Arrested After Attempting to Make Sweet, Sweet Love to Dirty Old Couch

Meet Gerard Streator. One night at around 11 p.m., an off-duty cop was out jogging when he spotted the 46-year-old Wisconsin man leaning over an abandoned couch on the side of the road. According to the police report, Streator's hips were "thrusting up and down on the couch." As the cop got closer, he yelled, "what… »9/24/12 4:05pm9/24/12 4:05pm

Did IKEA Once Use East German Political Prisoners to Make Its Sofas?

The thought of IKEA brings up complex emotions in many of us. On the one hand, their furniture is affordable and reasonably attractive, and always seems to fit that spot where you need a shelf. On the other hand, wandering aimlessly through their giant stores is a special kind of retail hell, their furniture tends to… »5/01/12 11:15pm5/01/12 11:15pm