Funny or Die Apologizes for That Christian Bro Abortion Apology Video

Last week, a group of manly Christian dudes from Heroic Media apologized for "letting" the women they'd impregnated get abortions. They're sorry abortion is legal, they're sorry they didn't guilt those ladies hard enough, they're just a sorry, sorry, sorry group of men. Today, Funny or Die released a response: Women… »1/20/15 7:20pm1/20/15 7:20pm

What's Street Harassment Look Like for White Men? Awesome.

What's it like to be a white man walking silently through New York City for 10 hours? Pretty lucrative. Strangers want to network, they tell you you look "powerful" and even gift you free Chipotle burritos! This is what street harassment looks like through the eyes of Funny or Die and I want in, yo. »10/30/14 10:10am10/30/14 10:10am

Megan Amram's 'Let's Get Physics, Y'all' Is What You Need Right Now

Next month, Parks and Rec scribe Megan Amram has a book hitting stores: Science...For Her! It looks delightful. In the meantime, here is a little preview she just dropped over at Funny or Die. It's a music video for "Let's Get Physics, Y'all," featuring Nick Offerman and a sweatband that would do Olivia Newton-John… »10/16/14 5:10pm10/16/14 5:10pm

Adam Scott Brings Back Step Brothers Character to Promote Obamacare

Whenever I stumble upon Step Brothers while flipping though cable, I will stop and watch the rest of the movie no matter what. The film (written by Adam McCay and Will Ferrell) is so perfectly stupid, funny and absurd that watching it is like the world's best lobotomy — both because it's temporary and, for a few… »3/25/14 12:00pm3/25/14 12:00pm

Funny or Die’s ‘Gang Rape’ Landing Page Is Slathered in Velveeta

The sprawling datasphere we call the Internet has lots of trapdoors, backdoors, sidedoors, and peepholes that open into icky places most of us would rather not visit. There are, however, a lot of people milling around the Internet, and some of them are actively looking for those icky places, which is part of the… »5/02/13 12:20pm5/02/13 12:20pm

Funny or Die Is Casting a Paula Broadwell Look-A-Like for a Mock Sex Tape

Are you a non-unionized, female, Caucasian, ethnically ambiguous, 30-45-year-old actor looking to break through with a timely role in a mock sex tape? If you are, then Funny or Die wants you to audition for a role in what will surely be a hilarious General Petraeus sex tape, which you'd star in alongside a… »11/23/12 12:45pm11/23/12 12:45pm

Why Would You Need Planned Parenthood When You Can Just Wing It?

Sure Planned Parenthood doesn't have funding or whatever, but how important is funding, really, when you have a well-meaning Connie Britton just winging it? Instead of getting a mammogram, per se, Britton will just smush your boob into a pancake with her hands. It's full-proof, or as full-proof as anything can be… »8/15/12 11:15pm8/15/12 11:15pm

Meet Perry Michaelson, The World's Other Most Fucked Up Fashion Photographer

Funny or Die pays a visit to the studio of renowned fashion photographer Perry Michaelson, who — a little like someone we know — wears flannel shirts and oversized glasses, likes to shoot subjects under heavy flash against a plain white studio background, and gets his jollies by harassing and demeaning the models he… »6/20/12 11:55pm6/20/12 11:55pm