The Stakes Are High For The Funny Girl Movie

Recently, a friend confessed that she was terrified, after viewing the trailer, that Bridesmaids was going to be no good, and that said not-goodness would confirm existing prejudices against funny women. (I saw Bridesmaids. Lots of people at the screening, including dudes and including myself, laughed a lot, but who… » 4/26/11 5:33pm 4/26/11 5:33pm

NBC May Be Bringing In Female Comedy Exec

According to an unnamed source, NBC's head of comedy, Jeff Ingold, is expected to leave the network soon and Sony TV comedy executive Tal Rabinowitz (pictured) is set to replace him. » 4/23/11 6:30pm 4/23/11 6:30pm

Sexist Jokes Are Okay On The Soup, Since It Has One Female Writer

In this week's episode of The Soup, Joel McHale told a sexist joke, then brought out the writer, Tess Rafferty. You see, it's okay for Joel to make a misogynistic jab, as long as it's penned by the show's lone female writer. Just like how it's cool for a white person to say something racist if they heard it from a… » 4/18/11 11:15pm 4/18/11 11:15pm

Why There Aren’t More Female Comics At SXSW

After booking one female comic-–one–-out of 30 comics for its Austin showcase, SXSW has said it's "disappointed" there aren't more female comics on the line-up. To this I say: horse shit. » 2/22/11 5:55pm 2/22/11 5:55pm

Luckily For Tina Fey, Plenty Of People Do Want To Fuck Her

"The definition of "crazy" in show business is a woman who keeps talking even after no one wants to fuck her anymore." -Tina Fey, in The New Yorker (sub. only) in a relatively earnest take on motherhood, anxiety, and Hollywood. » 2/07/11 12:26pm 2/07/11 12:26pm

Funny Women, "Target Demographic: Young Men" World

Amid the retrospectives and interviews populating women in comedy week week over at Splitsider, there's the now-customary debate over the paucity of women in comedy writing jobs. And, maybe, some reasons to be optimistic. » 1/27/11 4:02pm 1/27/11 4:02pm

Tina Fey Won't Cry Because She's A Stone-Cold Bitch

"I'm not going to get emotional tonight," said Tina Fey, accepting the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor, "because I'm a stone-cold bitch." She also regretted that she hadn't received the Judy Blume Award For Awkward Puberty. » 11/15/10 10:37am 11/15/10 10:37am

Tina Fey's Jokes Make D.C. Crowd Nervous—And She's Team Cake

Right-wing women, said Tina Fey last night, are great for all women, "unless you don't want to pay for your own rape kit...[or] you're a lesbian who wants to get married to your partner of 20 years." » 11/10/10 10:05am 11/10/10 10:05am

Cathy's Final Act Ack

The final Cathy comic strip ran this morning, wrapping up Cathy's world with a sweet thank you, a nod to Cathy's feminist roots, and a surprise introduction to the strip's newest and last character, who already knows how to "aack." » 10/03/10 9:40am 10/03/10 9:40am

Guy Has Epiphany, No Longer Hates Female Comedians

Unclear why he was so hostile to funny ladies in the first place, but kudos on realizing that "comedy is a lot more fun once you quit depriving yourself of laughs based solely on the topography of the performer's genitalia." » 9/16/10 9:48am 9/16/10 9:48am

Aniston Poses As Streisand In Harper's Bazaar

In Harper's Bazaar's September issue, Jennifer Aniston says, "People laugh at me. Sometimes I know why, and sometimes I don't." Actually, we weren't laughing at Jen before, but the accompanying Barbra Streisand-inspired photo shoot makes it hard not to. » 8/04/10 3:35pm 8/04/10 3:35pm

Do Lesbians Make Better Comedians? Margaret Cho Thinks So!

Wanda Sykes. Ellen DeGeneres. Rosie O'Donnell. Lily Tomlin. They are funny women who also happen to like women. And Margaret Cho has a theory about that. » 6/15/10 2:35pm 6/15/10 2:35pm

Olivia Munn's Geek Goddess Schtick

With her new Daily Show gig, an NBC sitcom, and a book, Suck It, Wonder Woman!, Olivia Munn's carefully-crafted image as geek sex symbol is about to get a bigger audience than ever. Will she win over the ladies too? » 6/08/10 10:00am 6/08/10 10:00am

The Daily Show Tries Out New Female Correspondent

Olivia Munn debuted on The Daily Show last night as its "senior Asian correspondent," in what's being called a tryout. The co-host of Attack of the Show will be the second woman currently on the show, and its fifth ever. » 6/04/10 10:00am 6/04/10 10:00am

Tina Fey Wins Mark Twain Prize For Humor

In November the Kennedy Center will present Tina Fey with the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor, the nation's most prestigious comedy award. She's the youngest honoree and only the third woman, after Lily Tomlin and Whoopi Goldberg. [USA Today] » 5/25/10 12:20pm 5/25/10 12:20pm

Kristen Wiig's Movie Isn't Really About A Wedding Anymore

"It's more about a friendship. We started writing this movie almost four years ago, before there were all of these movies about weddings. Then, all of a sudden, there were so many in one year. We were like, Uh-oh." [BlackBook] » 4/06/10 10:40am 4/06/10 10:40am

Gabby Sidibe To Host SNL

According to an E! source, Gabby Sidibe's comic talents will be put to work hosting Saturday Night Live. No date has been set, but it appears she won't be shunted to a "Women in Comedy" ghetto. And good! [E] » 3/31/10 6:30pm 3/31/10 6:30pm