The Stakes Are High For The Funny Girl Movie

Recently, a friend confessed that she was terrified, after viewing the trailer, that Bridesmaids was going to be no good, and that said not-goodness would confirm existing prejudices against funny women. (I saw Bridesmaids. Lots of people at the screening, including dudes and including myself, laughed a lot, but who… » 4/26/11 5:33pm 4/26/11 5:33pm

Sexist Jokes Are Okay On The Soup, Since It Has One Female Writer

In this week's episode of The Soup, Joel McHale told a sexist joke, then brought out the writer, Tess Rafferty. You see, it's okay for Joel to make a misogynistic jab, as long as it's penned by the show's lone female writer. Just like how it's cool for a white person to say something racist if they heard it from a… » 4/18/11 11:15pm 4/18/11 11:15pm