How Sexism in the Church Almost Ruined My Life 

In July 2014, my husband Daniel, our two young boys, and I took a full U-Haul from Cleveland, Tenn., to Richmond, Va., for Daniel’s new job as a teacher at a Christian private school. The move had pushed us past broke, into donations from relatives, but we were eager nonetheless. After many years, my husband had… »10/26/15 11:50am10/26/15 11:50am


The Creepy Fundamentalist Homeschool Cult That Trained the Duggars

You know about the Duggars, the evangelical Christian family whose 19 children catapulted them to fame through Discovery Health specials and TLC show, 19 Kids and Counting, and you know about Josh Duggar, the eldest son, who admitted last week to molesting several underage girls as a teen—including his own sisters. »5/26/15 6:28pm5/26/15 6:28pm

Same Sex Couple Denied Entrance To Creationism Museum

The same sex couple attempted to visit the museum together on the institution's "Date Night" (because nothing says "romance" like some good old fashioned fact-ignoring). The two men were denied entrance at the door by a security guard who said that the presence of a same-sex couple at the event would ruin everyone… »2/12/11 5:30pm2/12/11 5:30pm