Fashion Scavenger Hunt: Help Emily Find Samantha Bee's Crazy Awesome Booties

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Samantha Bee Tries Conversing Sincerely with Trump Fans, Learns Her Lesson Real Quick 

Samantha Bee is attempting the seemingly impossible and no, this time we’re not talking about her bid to blow a vagina-shaped hole in the boys club that is late night TV. Instead, we’re speaking of her sincere effort to sit down with Trump supporters and hear what they have to say without making fun of them. It does…

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee Punches Up and Punches Hard

There’s a scrappy quality to Full Frontal, the new TBS late night talk show led by former Daily Show correspondent Samantha Bee. Confident and natural on stage, the host—who’s currently (as no one’s been able to let her forget) the only woman in late night—strikes out immediately with a fury that’s startling and…