How To Enjoy Twitter Without Working Yourself Into A Frothing Rage

In general, Twitter is superb. I use it for work, and I love it. As with anything, of course, there are minor aspects that'll make you want to spike your phone/computer into the pavement. But there are incredibly simple actions you can take to minimize the amount of Bad Twitter you have to endure. »3/23/15 11:05am3/23/15 11:05am

Adele Accepts Her Brit Award by Giving Everyone the Finger

Tonight Adele won British Album of the Year at the Brit Music Awards, and just as she was getting into a rousing acceptance speech, the evening's host politely stepped in and cut her off. Apparently it was very urgent that Blur be allowed to perform right that second—Blur!? Come on. That's obviously the worst… »2/21/12 9:00pm2/21/12 9:00pm

"So Basically, Women Voters Just Chose The 'Crying Will Get You What You Want' Candidate. Awesome."

Dear all you commentwhores who said HIllary's teensy little tear session had swayed your vote to Hillary: Fuck you. I'm sorry, I realize that you pay my bills, but this makes no sense. Her narrow lead in yesterday's New Hampshire primary is entirely attributable to chicks like you, and you were alllllll chicks. It… »1/09/08 10:00am1/09/08 10:00am