Pentagon Investigating Whether Thousands Spent at Strip Clubs, Casinos Was Business-Related or What

The Pentagon is looking into whether Defense Department employees tried to get the U.S. government to reimburse them for all the money they spent at strip clubs and casinos. Not whether military personnel spent tons of money at strip clubs and casinos, because they sure, sure did—no, just if they tried to get paid… »9/24/15 2:15pm9/24/15 2:15pm


Uh, Want: A 'Real Hobo Bindle' on Etsy For Just $59

You know what they say about fashion in 2015: everybody wants to look like a motherfucking hobo. So here’s a tremendous bargain from the Etsy shop BagsOnSticks, a “real hobo bindle” that’s also a model of simplicity and customization; aspiring Etsy hoboes have five different fabrics to choose from for the bag and two… »6/10/15 3:15pm6/10/15 3:15pm

Rejected Princesses: The Weirder Tales Disney Will Never Do

We all know that Disney tends to soften those folk tales that they turn into movies, giving them happy endings, removing the less PG elements. However, there are some stories out there that are just a little too outrageous for even the House of Mouse, and there are quite of few of them that involve maidens. »6/19/14 1:59pm6/19/14 1:59pm

The Kick-Ass Women of Marvel Are Changing Comics for the Better

The Comic Con Women of Marvel panel happened this Sunday, and, by all accounts, it sounds like a completely inspiring and all-around encouraging event. According to Bleeding Cool, the it was "as large a major film event panel, winding down hallways." Perhaps even more notable than the large and enthusiastic… »10/14/13 12:30pm10/14/13 12:30pm