Lady French Kisses Frog (with Tongue and Everything!) in Bizarro Commercial

Dating site Zoosk really goes for it with this ad showing a girl getting busy on a poor frog. The ad's message is a play on the old saying "you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you meet your prince," with their spin being, "stop making out with frogs, all the princes live inside Zooks!" However, the actual… »1/30/13 9:15pm1/30/13 9:15pm

Our Taste For Frog Legs Could Lead To Their Extinction

If you're squeamish about eating frog legs, you can now pretend it's because you're environmentally conscious and not just a giant baby who won't try new foods. The United States imports 2,280 metric tons, or 450 million to 1.1 billion frog legs, per year; Europe buys more than twice that number. This is putting frogs… »8/01/11 4:45pm8/01/11 4:45pm