New Study Shows: No One Likes a Person Who's Too Hard to Read

This is terrible news for robots, and also maybe for you. If you’ve ever been told you’re too hard to read—and, likely, had interpersonal trouble because of it, particularly in the first-impressions arena—new research points to the direct effect this has on your likability. Turns out that suppressing how you think and… »8/26/15 1:10pm8/26/15 1:10pm


For the Love of God, Will We Ever Stop Asking if Men and Women Can Really Be 'Just Friends'?

Hey, did you ever notice that sometimes men and women have sex with each other, but then other times men and women just talk and hang out and don't have sex with each other? Almost like...friendship? Confusing, right? I mean, which is it!? Are they having sex or are they not having sex? Is not having sex its own… »10/25/12 6:40pm10/25/12 6:40pm