A Latvian Airline Really Wants Its Passengers to Make In-Flight Friends

Airlines have noticed that hurtling through the sky in a shrieking tube of metal while fending off questions like, "What's that you're reading, neighbor?" from your socially oblivious seatmate is downright unpleasant, so they're trying really hard to make it be less unpleasant by implementing all sorts of… »6/09/12 5:00pm6/09/12 5:00pm

Airport Yoga Studios Might Bring a Little Zen to Your Hectic Travels

As far as first world problems go, air travel is one of the worst. When you are on the plane, there is no leg room, you have to negotiate armrest real estate with your seat partner and flight attendants give you the side eye when you simply ask for the warm chocolate cookie that you were promised (never forgive, never… »2/07/12 6:30pm2/07/12 6:30pm