Celebrate the End of This Shitty Week With a Gif Party!

This week was, pardon my French, a piece of fucking merde. The news was so bad that we all became bored with bad news. To make matters worse, this week stretched on and on, like that time you spent an hour making out with the young man who your memory would come to know as Halitosis Guy you were 18 and too polite to… »8/24/12 6:00pm8/24/12 6:00pm

Rebecca Black Is Back with a Whole New Black Attack

Rebecca Black has a new video, which is...a thing, I guess. It's nice that she's willing to bounce back after the beating she took with "Friday" and this new song is, well, it's fine. The video is bright and sunny and Miss Black looks like she stepped right out of a summer Delia's catalog, but sadly for her, she has… »5/08/12 6:30pm5/08/12 6:30pm

Here's That Rebecca Black Documentary You Didn't Ask For

Rebecca Black has been a part of the pop culture vernacular for less than a year, yet she — and those involved in the creation of her so-bad-it's-a-sensation video for "Friday" — are already the subject of a short documentary by This American Life's Jon Ronson. In it, we meet Benni, known on the internet as "Awkward… »11/03/11 3:40pm11/03/11 3:40pm