Intimate Mother-Son Bonds Aren’t Nearly as Creepy as Norman Bates Would…

Ever since Oedipus unwittingly carried on with his mom and Freud built an extensive scientific theory around their mythical indiscretions, a cultural stigma has been associated with close mother-son relationships, especially those relationships that continue on well into a disaffected, serial-killing adulthood.… » 4/08/12 6:12pm 4/08/12 6:12pm

Softball Is For Lesbians (And Other Kagan Close Readings)

How can parody possibly exceed the current cable-news absurdity over Elena Kagan » 5/14/10 10:00am 5/14/10 10:00am's sexuality? compared women's softball to "two men sunbathing together." got downright Freudian: "I didn't know this, but a softball bat symbolizes a certain lifestyle."Both of those insights are included in Talking Points Memo's…

Calling Bullshit On The "G-Spot Myth" • Strip Club Rivalry Ends In Court

Yvonne Roberts questions the recent study on the existence of the G-spot in an amazing article for the Guardian. "What constitutes a 'fact' in the scientific analysis of female sexual arousal is far from clear," she writes. » 1/05/10 5:30pm 1/05/10 5:30pm

"How Do I Explain That My Coworker's A Raving Lunatic?"

Oh dear. There's a very troubling letter in today's Financial Times by a distraught citizen with a dodgy coworker. Really, there was nothing to do but get the opinions of a bunch of dead people, without delay. » 11/04/09 5:00pm 11/04/09 5:00pm

Study Shows Men Attracted To Women Who Look Like Their Mothers

The media has long noted » 9/03/08 9:30am 9/03/08 9:30am Lance Armstrong's preference for wiry, long-faced blondes, and a new study shows he might have a hard-wired reason for his sexual predilection: these women (Pictured, from left: Lance's mom, Linda, his ex-wife Kristin, and ex-girlfriend Sheryl Crow). According to a new study, "men were more…

How Ladymag Editors Anna Wintour & Bonnie Fuller Talk Directly To Your…

In the olden days, magazine editors were famed for...well, I guess not a lot of them were famed so much as respected: for cultivating writers, ushering in new journalistic forms and most critically, broadening the horizons and sating the curiosities of any reader longing for a connection with the world outside… » 6/30/08 5:00pm 6/30/08 5:00pm

Who's Afraid Of The Badly-Dressed Princess?

Rabblerouser/Celebrity Big Brother contestant Germaine Greer is lashing out at the late Princess Diana for no apparent reason (well, except for all that gratuitous dog and pony show-ing about the 10-year anniversary of her death) calling the royal icon "slow", "devious" and "disturbingly neurotic." Disturbingly… » 7/27/07 6:00pm 7/27/07 6:00pm