Intimate Mother-Son Bonds Aren’t Nearly as Creepy as Norman Bates Would Have You Believe

Ever since Oedipus unwittingly carried on with his mom and Freud built an extensive scientific theory around their mythical indiscretions, a cultural stigma has been associated with close mother-son relationships, especially those relationships that continue on well into a disaffected, serial-killing adulthood.… »4/08/12 6:12pm4/08/12 6:12pm


Study Shows Men Attracted To Women Who Look Like Their Mothers

The media has long noted »9/03/08 9:30am9/03/08 9:30am Lance Armstrong's preference for wiry, long-faced blondes, and a new study shows he might have a hard-wired reason for his sexual predilection: these women (Pictured, from left: Lance's mom, Linda, his ex-wife Kristin, and ex-girlfriend Sheryl Crow). According to a new study, "men were more…

How Ladymag Editors Anna Wintour & Bonnie Fuller Talk Directly To Your Id

In the olden days, magazine editors were famed for...well, I guess not a lot of them were famed so much as respected: for cultivating writers, ushering in new journalistic forms and most critically, broadening the horizons and sating the curiosities of any reader longing for a connection with the world outside… »6/30/08 5:00pm6/30/08 5:00pm