Going to College Makes You Gain Weight, But Also, So Does Not Going to College, So Who Knows

Sorry Sophomores, I bet you thought you were in the clear if you made it through your Freshman year without ballooning into a big fat fatty. Wrong! While the "Freshman 15" is not a thing — actually, the fear of gaining extra pounds is probably more taxing to your body than the weight itself — it seems we had to find… »10/16/12 10:00am10/16/12 10:00am


Freshmen 15 Doesn't Exist, Was Invented By Seventeen

Young people are now free to pursue a higher education without suffering from the crippling fear that they might gain a little weight. Researchers have proven that most college students don't gain the "Freshmen 15" — and that Seventeen is not your cool older sister. The magazine is more like the obnoxious older sister… »11/03/11 11:51pm11/03/11 11:51pm