Fabulousness and Frenemies: Why the So-Called 'Fashionista Suicide' Made Headlines

On Wednesday, 22-year-old Ashley A. Riggitano — an intern for New York-based jewelry and fashion designer Alex Woo — celebrated her birthday by laying her Louis Vuitton purse on the walkway of the George Washington Bridge and jumping to her death, falling 212 feet down into the Hudson River. News outlets are calling… »2/08/13 1:45pm2/08/13 1:45pm

"Social Poaching" Is The New Euphemism For Friend-Snatching

A few years ago a college friend introduced me to a childhood acquaintance. We all went out for Korean barbecue, talked about movies and had a good time. "Emily seems nice," I commented to my friend as we got on the subway. There was a silence. "She's going to try to annex you," said my friend grimly. "Just be aware."… »8/01/08 12:30pm8/01/08 12:30pm

"This Bottling Of Emotions Is Called Acting, And Perhaps Advanced Make-Believe"

We get a lot of emails to the tips line. Most are, well, tips »7/25/08 4:40pm7/25/08 4:40pm (and much-appreciated!) A lot are spam or stupid pitches from publicists. This morning, hot on the heels of another missive castigating us for not blogging a story one overly-entitled reader deemed of utmost personal importance - "hopefully someone will…

Bridesmaid Revisited: How Friends' Beauty Standards Affect Our Own

Yeah, yeah we know: the Times »7/24/08 3:00pm7/24/08 3:00pm has a ludicrous article up about their bridesmaids, mothers and mothers-in-law to get Botox, boob jobs and chemical peels for their most special of special days. And yes, it's a disgusting display of materialism, looksism, narcissism and many other unfortunate -isms that we would not…