The Best Of The Year's Worst Photoshops

There were literally dozens of oddly digitally altered models and celebrities this year, with a swipe of the mouse resulting in wonky elbows, whittled waists, new hands and unnaturally lightened skin. Here we have the very worst. » 12/24/10 2:08pm 12/24/10 2:08pm

A Month's Worth Of Vogue Ads

These prints by Joseph Ernst show what magazines would look like if all the logos featured in ads were place on one page, exactly where they appeared inside. Here's OK!'s August 7, 2007 issue versus French Vogue's March 2007 issue. » 12/22/10 3:35pm 12/22/10 3:35pm

Tyra Banks Made Her Own Couture Mask For French Vogue Party

She Tweeted: "So FRENCH VOGUE mask is sum cheap FISHNET stockings I got n crazy store n Paris! I cut em up n made it y'all. N did my ow hair n makeup." Congratulations! You are still in the running… » 10/01/10 2:21pm 10/01/10 2:21pm

Fashionable Elite Throw An Eyes Wide Shut Party

The French Vogue 90th Anniversary Party was a star-studded, high-fashion, My Fair Lady-style masquerade. And in the immortal words of Liz Lemon, we want to go to there. » 10/01/10 10:20am 10/01/10 10:20am

French Vogue Puts Crystal Renn And Uncle Terry In A Food-Filled Room

We don't really want to give anyone the satisfaction of being shocked by the French Vogue shoot involving Crystal Renn, Terry Richardson, and a "gluttony" theme. But we'll at least look at it. » 9/29/10 2:38pm 9/29/10 2:38pm

Check Out All The Old French Vogue Covers

To fête its 90th year, Vogue Paris has published a gallery of 50 of its covers. We've always dug Filippa Hamilton's and Liya Kebede's, both from 2002, but now Andy Warhol's portrait of Caroline de Monaco might be our favorite. » 9/28/10 7:15pm 9/28/10 7:15pm

Naked Marc Jacobs Hawks Cologne; Thieves Rob Kate Moss

Sexy People Having Sexy Sex, Courtesy Of French Vogue

Consider the plight of Carine Roitfeld. In a time when every politician, sports pro, and dude-who-likes-Nazi-memorabilia is acting as if he's on a mission to show how tawdry and dumb sex can be, she still has to make sex sexy. » 4/22/10 3:40pm 4/22/10 3:40pm

Plus-Size Models Slammed By Prominent French Blogger

Well, there's one person who's not on board with plus-sized models getting shot by V, French Elle, and French Vogue, and walking for designers like Jean-Paul Gaultier and Mark Fast. Illustrator/photographer/blogger Garance Doré thinks body diversity is "not physically healthy." » 4/21/10 4:40pm 4/21/10 4:40pm

French Vogue Features Crystal Renn… And Her Pubic Hair

The May issue of Paris Vogue features Penelope Cruz as guest editor. Inside, the shoot starring noted plus-size model Crystal Renn includes one partially nude image, in which her pubes are the focus. [NSFW] » 4/20/10 3:00pm 4/20/10 3:00pm

Celebrities And Gap's RED Campaign Take Over Next Month's French Vogue

In what Amy Odell of The Cut calls "a surprising, very Hollywood direction for a magazine that loves models so much," next month's French Vogue will have three covers, featuring stars like Meryl Streep, Bono, and guest-editor Penelope Cruz. [NYMag] » 4/17/10 11:30am 4/17/10 11:30am

To Catch A Predator: What Are Agencies Doing To Keep Models Safe?

Given most fashion models start working in their mid-teens, Terry Richardson's alleged habit of sexually harassing the women he works with got me wondering what, if anything, is being done to protect high fashion's youngest and potentially most vulnerable workers. » 3/25/10 12:00pm 3/25/10 12:00pm

Fewer Models Of Color Work New York's Fashion Runways

After tracking diversity on the runways for several seasons, we took off last September because we thought the fashion industry was finally coming to its senses. Models of color were getting booked! How disappointing, then, to tally this season's numbers. » 2/22/10 11:00am 2/22/10 11:00am

Fancy Men's Magazine Jumps On Blackface Trend

Cool things about this L'Officiel Hommes spread: hey look, a black man is in an all-American-themed shoot! Terrible things about this L'Officiel Hommes spread: that's not a black model. That's a white dude in an afro wig and makeup. » 2/19/10 2:20pm 2/19/10 2:20pm

Posh Says Most Models Healthy, "Naturally Thin"; Kim Kardashian Rips…

Stylist Says V's Plus-Size Issue Goes Too Far; St. John Drops Angelina…

Australians Can't Get Enough Of Blackface

Today in fashionable racism, we have: An Australian magazine with a familiar-looking cover, and a Karl Lagerfeld-directed movie that features heavily made up European models in Chinese roles. How very The Mask Of Fu Manchu. » 12/04/09 4:20pm 12/04/09 4:20pm

LOLVogue: Duz Dis Make Me Luk Lyke A Sex Kittin?

The "Fur Play" shoot in Paris Vogue's November issue is feline-themed! Let's ignore the animaux morts/fur-pushing and Raquel Zimmermann's "tribal" makeup and focus on: KITTY!!! After the jump, we're in ur magazeen, puttin werds on ur moddles. » 11/19/09 4:00pm 11/19/09 4:00pm

French Vogue Controversy Goes To Cable

Maybe you saw, but Jezebel's own Jenna Sauers made her American cable television debut earlier this afternoon, where she talked about the modeling industry, French Vogue's "blackface" editorial, and charmed anchor Don Lemon. Kudos! (Update: here's the entire video.) [CNN] » 10/14/09 5:20pm 10/14/09 5:20pm